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Songs & Videos

Hope Song


Our association member Ed Bohr wrote a song with his partner, which was enriched with pictures by our board member Detlef Kröger, based on the "Hope Song" by Ed Stevens Voices.


Song: Ed Stevens Voices

Text/Musik: Ed Bohr [german]

Ed Stevens has worked in the social sector for over fifty years. Here he was always in contact with people in need of help. But he also got to know many people who voluntarily and unselfishly cared for them. This also gave the idea for the "Hope Song" . Because of their common musical taste, he founded the duo "Ed Stevens Voices" with his work colleague Petra Puhl. They recorded this song together. The topic of hope and help is currently more topical than ever. The help, which is given by many people again, is admirable and thankful. Therefore, Ed Stevens Voices would like to make this song available to the people concerned. Here in particular our association " education promotes development" for the important and successful work in Kenya. In the video, the construction of a library should be documented and highlighted again.

Education is probably one of the most important criteria for self-help!