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A sponsorship as a project!



A sponsorship is a special way to donate responsibly and to stimulate an exchange of experiences!

A sponsorship is a conscious support of a school child between the ages of 15 and 18,

who attends a Secondary School in Kenya, especially in the shameful slums of Nairobi.

Our 1st Chairman had spoken with several local teachers during his last visit in January 2022,

who help us in the selection of students. In this way an exchange between godmother/ godfather and pupil comes about. The special thing about such a sponsorship from € 25 per month (gladly more) is that through the exchange a mutual personal relationship can be built.

Our members are interested in such a sponsorship, which mainly helps to cover the costs of school attendance such as school clothing, the purchase of own textbooks and the fare to school. With the help of your support, you can contribute to the sponsored person being able to lead a self-determined and dignified life later on.

Education is the key!

Please help us to make this project meaningful.


Please download


your application for your personal sponsorship.





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