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Welcome to the page of our association!


The photographs you see in the banner show you who our association supports:
We help children and young people in Nairobi, Kenya, pursue the educational path that is right for them, even if their families cannot afford it.
We have found that stepping out of extreme poverty through education opens up completely new perspectives for young people's lives.

In addition to the individual support of young people's training courses, we reach larger groups of children and young people in the Matahare slum in Nairobi by co-financing the Mathare Community Center with its attached library. Here, young people of different ages are offered extracurricular education, mentoring and coaching from specialists.

Help us and become a member of our association, support us through donations or take on a sponsorship. In addition to financial help, young people from the most difficult living conditions need someone who believes that they can build a better life for themselves with good school, university or vocational training.
Of course, we issue donation receipts.
Donation account: Education promotes development e.V. IBAN:DE13585501300001073642


Regular newsletters inform our members and interested parties about developments during the year, and an annual report is presented at the general meeting once a year.
We maintain ongoing contact with our scholarship holders and the Mathare Community Center by email, phone calls and a visit at least once a year by at least one board member.


I am pleased if I was able to arouse your interest in the work of our association. Find out more about our work on our homepage and get to know our scholarship holders and the Mathare Community Center Library.

Please feel free to write to me if you have any questions or suggestions:


I look forward to welcoming you as a new supporter.

Yours sincerely

Helga Schneider-Gräfer

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