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Our steering committee

Dr. Johannes Michael Nebe

The goal of our association is to give young people in Kenya a decent perspective on life through education, which often remains closed to many of them due to poverty. In doing so, I have been able to experience that without a human touch, financial support alone is not enough to achieve this goal. I would like to continue along this path and do everything in my power to ensure that the young people we support, who are hungry for education, can play an active role in building up their homeland. This is my idea of a concrete development policy that serves the people!

Christel Aretz
Vice Chair

The "Africa bacillus" took hold of me on our excursion to Kenya in September 2018. The four days we spent in the Mathare slum with Kenyan students will remain unforgettable for me. I have time and would like to use it wisely. Helping that the goals of the association (education-hungry children and young people in the slums, a better future can be realized). "If many small people in many small places do many small good things, they can change the face of the world." Wisdom from Africa

Jonas Koch

Education is the future. Not only in my job as a high school teacher do I try to sensitize young people to other continents, cultures and, above all, the people who live there and their way of life. Africa has been particularly close to my heart since my first excursion to Kenya in 2015.
Since then, I have been intensively involved in comparing the ideas of students in Germany about life in slums with what I myself experienced and, above all, what the people in the slums told me. Especially here in Europe, misconceptions, prejudices and stereotypes of Africa in general, of life in Kenya and especially in poorer areas unfortunately still exist.

Melanie Weicherding
Melanie Weicherding

I am deeply impressed by the great and important work that the association does and am very happy to be part of it and to be able to contribute something myself. It is a pleasure to work with such motivated, competent and committed people and to make the world a little bit better in the process.

Nicolas J. Kraff
Public Relations Officer

During my geography studies, I took part in an excursion to Kenya with Dr. Nebe in 2008 and had the great privilege of getting to know the country and its people. During the eight months I spent in Nairobi afterwards, I was very moved by the living conditions of the people in the slums. This prompted me to take a critical look at the effects of globalization and to conduct scientific research on poverty-stricken neighborhoods worldwide. Knowledge of the situation on the ground and education for the people are cornerstones for working at eye level and initiating developments with mutual respect, true to the quote that can probably be attributed to Immanuel Kant (1724-1804): "Knowledge is not power, but responsibility"!

Detlef Kröger

I have already gotten to know some countries in Africa while traveling and have been able to make many experiences with the environment and the people. I was also very impressed by the willingness of children and young people to learn, but unfortunately they often lack the financial means and a suitable infrastructure. Access to education opens up new future prospects for people through better job opportunities and higher incomes. I became aware of the association because I was looking for a voluntary activity where I could use my advanced knowledge of office software and I am happy to support the association in the technical organization and administration.

Louise Gubanski